FSMSSA is the provincial body that promote, organise and control Metallic Silhouette Shooting in the Free State as an amateur sport. FSMSSA is managed by a team of selected members comprising of a President, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer as well as Additional Members from each club. FSMSSA currently has 3 affiliated clubs: BMSSC (Bloemfontein), SMSSC ( Sasolburg) and Wolwehoek (Sasolburg).

FSMSSA is affiliated to SAMSSA, the national metallic silhouette shooting body, which in turn is affiliated to IMSSU, the international metallic silhouette shooting union.

What is Metallic Silhouette Shooting

Metallic silhouette shooting is a sport where a number of targets (normally 40) comprising of chicken, pig, turkey and ram metallic silhouettes that are placed on supports at various distances, and are being shot at. It comprises of Big Bore (or centerfire) Rifle and Handgun as well as Small Bore (or rimfire) Rifle and Handgun Events. Silhouette shooting is not an Olympic Sport, but World Championships are held every second year. There are 21 countries that are members of IMSSU. Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa are the only members from the continent of Africa.

Silhouette Targets on Range

The following events are shot at international level:

  • Big Bore Handgun: Revolver, Production, Standing & Unlimited
  • Small Bore Handgun: Revolver, Production, standing & Unlimited
  • Field Pistol: Production & Production Unlimited
  • Big Bore Rifle: Hunting & Silhouette
  • Small Bore Rifle: Light & Silhouette

In South Africa additional events are shot at provincial and national championships:

  • Sport Handgun: Big Bore, Small Bore & Unlimited
  • Air Pistol: Open Sights & Free Style
  • Air Rifle: Open Sights & Any Sights
  • Varmint: Handgun & Rifle
  • Open Sights Rifle: Big Bore, Small Bore & Unlimited
  • Lever Action Rifle
  • Big Bore Rifle Freestyle